How does water justice fit within the water sector’s silos? Water justice is a cross cutting water challenge. It is central to human rights and sustainability. However, approaches to water justice vary. Bridging the disciplinary divide can be difficult. Technical terms differ across disciplines, and ‘common’ knowledge isn’t always common knowledge. This cluster brings together water experts from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to sketch out a ‘map’ of the conceptual terrain. What does water justice mean to you? Why is it important to your work? What can the strengths and skills of your discipline offer? By sharing strengths and points of convergence the ‘map’ will foster collaboration. Examining the points of divergence may indicate where water justice gaps are located. Areas of water justice innovation may emerge. In the second half of 2019 the cluster will present to policymakers in Canberra about potential paths forward. This cluster will initially focus on the Australian context. Our work will be enhanced by the collaboration and networking with EU colleagues provided by the Water Policy Innovation Hub project.