Jean Monnet Water Policy Innovation Hub will focus on wide range of water and innovation policy challenges including governance, technology, participation, and legislation. The focus of conversation in the Hub is to explore the idea of innovation in the 21st century as it appears and is understood in water policymaking within different contexts.

 The Hub will bring together scholars across different continents, across disciplines, and across academic experience levels in order to build capacity in studying EU Water Policy Innovation. The EU has a wide range of experiences in water sector in developing practices, creating business opportunities and overcoming barriers linked to technology, regulation, public participation, financing and practical implementation. The Water Policy Innovation Hub aims to harness this capacity to create a policy hub which ensures effective dialogue between water experts and policymakers, so as to address the needs of the water community, particularly in the pacific and middle east.

The Hub will organise a series policy workshops in Germany, Australia, and France. These meetings will bring together water policy researchers to prioritise issues at stake, where policymakers are in need of better information and policy recommendations. The knowledge exchanged between researchers through these meetings, will be discussed with policy-engaged researchers with European expertise.

For more information please visit Hub on the ANU Centre of European Studies, or contact the Project Lead – Dr Ehsan Nabavi []

Project Investigators:  Prof. Jacqueline Lo, Assoc. Prof. Katherine Daniell, Dr. Ehsan Nabavi, Dr. Joseph Guillaume

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The website of the Hub will contain all the information that will be the outcome of the research conducted in the two-year period of the project. The website will incorporate all relevant information of the participating scholars, photos, podcasts and videos on demand from the workshops that will be organised, as well as, publications related to the research conducted.


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